Pottery Painting

Pottery painting

Pottery painting is a relaxing and therapeutic hobby that is suitable for young and old alike. Our studio caters for all ages, with our youngest just 4 days old and our oldest painter was 104!!

How it Works

1. Choose a piece of blank pottery (this is the hardest part!!)

We have a huge range (over 300 pieces) of blank pottery pieces to choose from, including: cups, plates, bowls, vases & plant pots, children’s items, animals, moneyboxes, seasonal items and much more.

2. Get painting!

If you have a blank item, you can draw a design on your piece of pottery with a felt tip, (the marks will disappear when your piece is fired) and make use of stencils, sponges & stamps. You can have a look through our ideas booklet for inspiration, or take a look at the many painted items we have on display. You can even trace a design from our ideas booklet using our special carbon paper.

We have36 colours to choose from and the paint is water-based, non-toxic and easily washable!

If you wish to capture hand/footprints on your items of pottery just ask – and we will always help where we can.

3. Leave your pottery to be glazed and fired

We will glaze and fire your finished item, and it will be ready for collection within 1 week (or can be delivered to you for an extra charge.

If you are unable to get back to collect your pottery, and do not want us to send your pottery to you, we have acrylic paints that can be used to paint your pottery – and you are able to take these away with you once dry!


We are an ‘All-inclusive’ workshop which means there is NO studio fee, so the price you see is the price you pay! Our prices range from £6 to around £30, with lots of popular childrens items priced at £10. The whole cost of your visit is included in the price of whatever item you choose which is a fair and simple system for our customers.

You are welcome to pay by cash, debit or credit cards – and of course Gift Vouchers!

What about dishwasher and microwave?

Your pottery is made from earthenware and we apply a ‘food safe’ glaze. We recommend that you hand wash it and do not put it in the microwave.

Note: if you cannot get to us, speak to us about our mobile service or takeaway service!!

You can also purchase any item of pottery as a gift, the set comes complete with paints and brushes, all contained in a bag!

The Gallery

Other great things to do…


Glueing & Sticking!!
Decopatch paper is easily applied to any kind of surface (flat or uneven) and is the only paper which produces a smooth texture and a real paint effect.

Hand and footprints

Painted little prints on pottery
This is our most popular service and we have mastered the art of capturing little hand & footprints on almost any piece of pottery!

Clay imprints

Captured in clay forever
We now offer clay imprinting at Cheshire Craft Workshop so you can have your child’s hand and foot prints captured in clay forever.

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