Coaster Takeaway Kit


A perfect “Thank you” gift or write your own message or name at the top.

Size: Diameter 11cm x Height 0.8cm

Glazes are pre-selected to do the project shown.

Brush(s) is included, on loan, in the kit and must come back, along with the pottery when it is returned for firing.

Complete your own writing in felt tip and we will go over it with glaze when it is returned.


Your pack will include:

  • Set of 6 glazes, plenty to complete the project shown.
  • Brush
  • Small piece of sandpaper for corrections
  • Pottery piece selected

Other equipment needed:

  • A water pot
  • A small plate to mix colours on
  • Kitchen towel or old towel (Wipes or tissue with balm in must NOT be used)
  • Felt tip for writing (we will go over the felt tip with glaze when you return your pottery)

Glazing Guidelines

Creating dots

  • Use the non-bristle end of the brush. Dip in the glaze and dab onto the bisque. Dip into the glaze each time you make a dot for the best effect!

General Painting

  • 2-3 coats of glaze results in a solid colour finish. The glaze is dry enough for another coat when the shine has gone.
  • Avoid overloading the brush to avoid losing control of the flow of glaze. Regularly wash and dry your brushes carefully.
  • To make corrections, let the glaze dry and sand off…. Better still, make your ‘mistake’ part of the design!

Nice to know:

  • Glazes are non-toxic and water soluble. If left to dry they will brush off clothes and are easily washed off.
  • You may use your own, thoroughly cleaned with washing up liquid and rinsed. No traces of other paints or glue must be on them (it will spoil your pottery when firing).

Our ask from you

  • Brushes MUST be returned with your pottery.
  • We can reuse the pots. If you have no use for them, please return them with the pottery.
  • Only use the glazes on the pottery you are having fired. They are not suitable for other craft activities.
  • For best results, please read the instructions that come with your kit (even if you are a regular!) as we may have added new watch outs or top tips since you last painted with us.
  • Do not use any other paint / substance on your pottery before firing.

If you enjoy your pottery painting, please share us with your friends on social media, it will really help us. Thank you 😊